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Niya grew up in a city called Chalmette just east of New Orleans. She has been singing since she was five, starting in the church choir, then school plays, and finally in a Rock band known as "The Sheltered." She started singing in the clubs around New Orleans when she was 15; luckily she looked old enough and club owners back then were lax. Niya was voted one of the "Women in Rock" in the local New Orleans paper while still just a Catholic high school girl by day and a "Rock Star" by night.
This album is a true labor of love and a true testament to the power of a dream and how it can keep you going even when it seems that time has stopped and the dream has died. Please give a listen and take home the heart of a fighter and a true believer in dreams coming true.

Kris has been playing guitar since the age of 12 in numerous bands and currently holds a bachelor's degree from Musicians Institute, located in Los Angeles. He currently owns a recording studio called Microtone Studios in Westminster, CO where he is the principal recording and mastering engineer and executive producer. He has produced two full length studio albums and a double-CD studio album in the last 18months and continues to churn out music as quickly as possible in a variety of styles for an eclectic clientele. A jazz guitarist by training, he finds a unique challenge in playing with Niya, learning to say more with less on his guitar, creating space for her intricate arrangements.

Contact: kris@microtonestudios.com

Greg's a badass bass player, end of story.

We'd put more of a bio in here for him, but he hasn't given us one. As far as we're concerned, he's a mystery wrapped in a riddle, marinated in an enigma and garnished with a side of sugar-free awesomeness!

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While the drums on Niya's latest album were co-recorded by William Anderson and Alex Tripp, they're both currently out of state. We've got a couple of other drummers onboard for shows, but they're both committed to other bands, so long-term, we're looking for a fulltime drummer. Your face could be here!

Contact: Niya if you'd like to audition to be our new beatmaker...

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